Synagogue in Brno Restored

1. května 2016 - 15:51 od Redakce

In 2013, the Brno Jewish Community launched a challenging reconstruction based on the project by Ing. arch. Petr Bureš which aimed to bring both the building and its interior into the identical state as it was in 1936. Fortunately, historical photographs have survived until today, while some were even discovered during reconstruction work.

The reconstruction project targeted not only the building and its facilities, but also liturgical textiles and a new Torah. číst dále »

Exhibition Villa Tugendhat

1. května 2016 - 15:35 od Redakce

On the afternoon of 4 February 2016, Director of the National Museum in Oslo Audun Eckhoff took the floor to officially open an exhibition titled Villa Tugendhat held in the functionalist Villa Stenersen. číst dále »

Czech Press Agency (CPA) report on completion of the project of restoration of the synagogue

11. dubna 2016 - 15:31 od Redakce

ČTK: 7.4.2016 16:13:46
The Jewish Community of Brno has repaired the only fully functioning synagogue in Moravia

Brno, 7 April (CPA) – The Jewish Community of Brno has repaired and newly equipped the only fully functioning synagogue located in Moravia. The interior of this functionalist building located in Brno Skořepka, thanks to an investment of CZK 12 million from subsidies and the community’s own funds, has now approximated to its original appearance. The Brno community also commissioned a new set of prayer textiles and a new Torah, Judaism’s most fundamental text. číst dále »

Partnership Project

21. ledna 2016 - 15:49 od Redakce

synagoga_brno__slavnost_vn____en___t__ry_The Jewish Community in Brno and the Jewish Museum in Oslo signed a partnership agreement, to which also the Brno City Museum at Špilberk was invited. The subject of the agreement were exchange events, which had been preceded by joint working meetings of the parties in both cities. The link between Brno and Oslo was the turbulent history of the architect Otto Eisler. číst dále »

Exhibition Wergeland’s Legacy: Jewish Life in Norway, 1851 – 1945

17. ledna 2016 - 15:15 od Redakce

From 20 January to 27 March, Brno City Museum was honoured to host an extraordinary exhibition loaned to the gallery of Špilberk Castle by the Jewish Museum in Oslo. The topic of the exhibition, which was the legacy of the Norwegian scientist and poet Henrik Wergeland, who fought against the discriminatory article of the Norwegian Constitution forbidding entry of Jews into the country, might had seemed a bit distant to the Czech audience at first glance.

Jews were allowed to settle in Norway as late as in 1851 after amendment of the Constitution. In Norway, Jews of Central and Eastern Europe found a safe home after fleeing the pogroms of the late 19th century and from Nazism. There are several links between the topic and Brno. číst dále »

A New Curtain for our Synagogue Already Finished

1. ledna 2016 - 12:38 od Redakce

A few months ago, we had the opportunity to see the successful exhibition of paintings by Mr Mark Podwal, an American physician and acclaimed artist and a pious and conscious Jew, held in the Cloister of the Brno City Hall.

The exhibition displayed his draft illustrations for the newly issued Haggadah. Mr Podwal has designed synagogue textiles for the Old-New Synagogue in Prague. With great pleasure, we inform you that Mark Podwal is designing new synagogue textiles for our synagogue. And he does so as a gift, without any compensation. It involves the curtain (parochet), which closes the ark of the Torah, the focal point of every synagogue. číst dále »

Renovation of the Synagogue in Brno

1. října 2015 - 15:15 od Redakce

The synagogue located in Skořepka Street is currently the only functioning synagogue in Moravia and Silesia. It was build based on the project of the architect Otto Eisler and constructed by the construction company of the Eisler brothers. In 1936, the synagogue was handed over to the use of the Jewish religious association Agudas Achim. It is a unique building in the functionalist style, which is characteristic of pre-war Brno. Members of the Jewish community in Brno were frequent investors of local functionalist buildings, including the famous Villa Tugendhat. číst dále »